VPN Client


VPN Client

by Craig Mayhew

Setting Up PPTP VPN in Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala

Ubuntu 9.10 doesn't come with VPN connectivity out of the box. So you need to install 3 packages to get it to work. Symptoms of these packages not being installed are grayed out "Add" buttons and grayed out "Apply"…

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Fixing Ubuntu 9.04 VPN - Adding remote network to routing table

The new network manager is a massive improvement over the previous network tools in Ubuntu. Coming from a windows background I am used to routing tables being updated automatically. However, after connecting to a VPN…

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VPN Client in Ubuntu 8.04

Here's an excellent guide to getting VPN connections working in gutsy and hardy.


Unfortunately when using the…

Ubuntu 8.04   Hardy Heron   Interpid Ibex   Ubuntu 8.10   VPN Client   network-manager-pptp  

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