Tiny little universe

22Apr 2011

Tiny little universe

by Craig Mayhew on Fri 22nd Apr 2011 under General
After my last post about second life, it's time I got back on track about what I wanted from second life. For me, second life didn't allow me to design without limits. Mostly because it has an economy, an economy is built on rules and therefore limitations. I wanted a virtual environment that can extend and supplement my reality. I needed my own virtual space where rules are none existent unless I impose them. I needed my own simulation. Enter openSim. openSim is a complete virtual environment much the same as second life where essentially, I can run my own private second life server. I can use as much space as I like, build as big as I like in any way I want to. I'm not limited to a very small quantity of computer resources, I'm only limited by my hardware and how efficiently I use it. Slowly I have begun merging this with other applications that I use in the real world. I intend to blog about these uses I find for the tiny universe I have created and experiments I will run.

Updates soon :)

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