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ZFS vs 7Zip for virtual disk backups

This details a real world example of the benefits of ZFS dedupe.My backup disk contains 2.4TB of 7z files. Each file is a website backup, a database backup or a 7z backup of an entire virtual machine / server. Many of…


ZFS on FreeBSD

For this test I will be running FreeBSD in a VirtualBox virtual machine. These instructions will work regardless of this.Download the 64bit iso of FreeBSD. I am using version 9.1.Install FreeBSD form the livecd. I…


ZFS on Ubuntu

Installation on Ubuntu 9.04

Filip Brcic is kindly providing Ubuntu packages for zfs-fuse.

To install zfs-fuse add the Filip Brcic's launchpad repo to a source list.

sudo nano…

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