Windows 7


Windows 7

by Craig Mayhew

Increase Size of Windows 7 Partitioned Virtual Disk (vmdk)

Login to your vmware server.
Backup your virtual machine and all snapshots (The raw files on the physical disk - particularly the vmdk files as this will be what we are modifying)
Login to vmware gui.
Power off…

VMware server 2.0.2   Windows 7   vdiskmanager   vmware   Virtual Disk  

Windows 7 registry file open with association

For anyone that has accidentally clicked on an apllication, clicked "open with" and set it to open with another application by default. Here is how to fix it.

If you are lucky enough to still have a web browser open…

Windows 7   Registry   File open with  

Compiling and Installing Nightly Builds of Firefox on Windows 7

This article details how to download and compile the latest bleeding edge build of Firefox on Microsoft Windows 7. The firefox build will be full of bugs because it is bleeding edge, so don't use this for anything…

Firefox   Windows 7   Compile   MozillaBuild   mozconfig  

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