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Chroot in Ubuntu

If you ever manage to damage your ubuntu install so badly that it won't boot (as I recently did when trying to remove the gnome GUI) then boot from a LiveCD and then open up a terminal.

Type the following…

Ubuntu   Chroot  

The package vmware-server needs to be reinstalled, but I can't find an archive for it

I recently tried installing a .deb packagae I had made by converting an rpm. Synaptic package manager however errored and since then won't open. Every time I started synaptic I was getting this error:

The package…

Ubuntu   Synaptic Package Manger   rpm   dpkg  

Retrieve Drive UUIDs in Ubuntu

One easy command to retrieve all drive UUIDs.

ls -lF…

Ubuntu   UUID  

Greasemonkey scripts won't update on Ubuntu

The usual reason for not being able to update the scripts is that your permissions are wrong in your Firefox folder. Your Grease Monkey scripts will be in your firefox folder. The default place for this is (please…

Ubuntu   Firefox   Linux Permissions   Greasemonkey  

ZFS on Ubuntu

Installation on Ubuntu 9.04

Filip Brcic is kindly providing Ubuntu packages for zfs-fuse.

To install zfs-fuse add the Filip Brcic's launchpad repo to a source list.

sudo nano…

Ubuntu   ZFS  

Tell Ubuntu to avoid using SWAP partition with swappiness setting

By Default Ubuntu will move data in RAM onto the swap file/partition on the hard disk long before it runs out of memory. It will pick data that isn't accessed often but this can still be an annoying slow down on the…

Ubuntu   Virtual Memory   Swap Space   RAM  

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