Time Travel


Time Travel

by Craig Mayhew

Harnessing Time Dilation with NASA's Solar Probe Plus

Yeaa! NASA has put together a mission to fly a space probe into the atmosphere of the sun in 2022. Well, it will actually be orbiting the sun and so won't just go hurtling into it. It will orbit at over 200km/s at a…

Harnessing Time Dilation part 2

This follows on from my first article about harnessing time dilation. If you haven't read my first article then I highly recommend you do before reading this one. I've included a spreadsheet so you can do these…

Harnessing Time Dilation

This one is a bit of a heavy thought experiment I've been thinking about for some time now. I've used the Lorentz factor to work out the time dilation difference in seconds for certain speeds. I first started out asking…

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