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Tweets Backup Script

So I wanted to backup and archive my tweets. I threw together this quick and dirty script to retrieve the last 200 tweets of a twitter user (In this case, me).

Latest source code available here: …

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Automatically reboot minecraft on crashes

The latest version of minecraft has been extremely unstable for me, so I've written this quick script to automatically check if minecraft is running - and reboot it within 30 seconds if it isn't. You will need php…

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PHP email validation using regex

I keep seeing PHP where the programmer has written a regular expression to validate an email address.

Don't do that! Use the filter_var() function that php comes with out of the box.

$emailAddress =…

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Back from phpuk2010 and feeling like I really want to contribute to some open source projects! I'll summarize the main points I took away from each of the talks I attended.

Josh Holmes - Keynote talk - The Lost Art…

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PHP UK Conference 2009

Wow, that was worth the wait. I don't think I've ever picked up so much knowledge in one day since college. Great organization and an all round brilliant day!

Here's a summary of the talks I attended but I…

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