Active SETI? - no thanks


Active SETI? - no thanks

by Craig Mayhew on Sun 23rd Jan 2011 under Astrothoughts
TV and Radio signals from Earth have now traveled about 60 Light years. Luckily, even if the TV/Radio signals were intercepted by aliens, the signals would be very weak and jumbled together. It does give away our position to any aliens that are within the 60 light year range. There are over 2000 stars within a 60 light year radius and by 2050 our TV/Radio signals will have traveled 100 light years and reached approximately 170000 stars.

The most famous directional attempt to contact alien species is the Arecibo message. However, this won't arrive for over 20,000 years.

This handy table can be found on the wiki page for active SETI and shows when we might expect aliens to notice us. Of course they would still have to get here...

NameDesignationConstellationDate sentArrival dateMessage
Gliese 581HIP 74995Libra2008-10-09October 9, 200820292029A Message From Earth
PolarisHIP 11767Ursa Minor2008-10-09February 4, 200820292439Across the Universe
Gliese 581HIP 74995Libra2008-10-09August 28, 200920302030Hello From Earth
HIP 4872Cassiopeia2003-07-06July 6, 20032036-04April 2036Cosmic Call 2
HD 245409Orion2003-07-06July 6, 20032040-08August 2040Cosmic Call 2
55 CncHD 75732Cancer2003-07-06July 6, 20032044-05May 2044Cosmic Call 2
HD 10307Andromeda2003-07-06July 6, 20032044-09September 2044Cosmic Call 2
47 UMaHD 95128Ursa Major2001-09-03September 3, 20012047-07July 2047Teen Age Message
47 UMaHD 95128Ursa Major2003-07-06July 6, 20032049-05May 2049Cosmic Call 2
Gl 777HD 190360Cygnus1999-07-01July 1, 19992051-04April 2051Cosmic Call 1
15 SgeHD 190406Sagitta1999-06-30June 30, 19992057-02February 2057Cosmic Call 1
HD 76151Hydra2001-09-04September 4, 20012057-05May 2057Teen Age Message
37 GemHD 50692Gemini2001-09-03September 3, 20012057-12December 2057Teen Age Message
HD 193664Draco2001-09-04September 4, 20012059-01January 2059Teen Age Message
HD 126053Virgo2001-09-03September 3, 20012059-12January 2059Teen Age Message
HD 178428Sagitta1999-06-30June 30, 19992067-10October 2067Cosmic Call 1
16 Cyg AHD 186408Cygnus1999-05-24May 24, 19992069-11November 2069Cosmic Call 1
HD 197076Delphinus2000-08-29August 29, 20012070-02February 2070Teen Age Message
Messier 13NGC 6205Hercules1974-11-16November 16, 1974approx. 25974Arecibo Message

I personally take the stance that active SETI is completely reckless and anyone doing this is a danger to the entire human race. If anything, we should be trying to mask our presence in the universe. Whatever alien intelligence we come across may well be hostile (e.g. a berserker probe). The technology that they posses is also likely to be far more advanced than that of our own. Our solar system has been about for billions of years and our galaxy for much longer. There has been plenty of time for alien intelligence to grow exponenitially beyond anything we can imagine - especially if Kurzweil's predictions are anything to go by.

Finally, if I simply can't win the arguement that Active SETI is a tremendous gamble then active SETI should be done from a neutral location, not our home planet...

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