When did I get old?

17Mar 2013

When did I get old?

by Craig Mayhew on Sun 17th Mar 2013 under Friends/Family
Sitting down for our regular Sunday breakfast at Pitcher & Piano on the marina. I'm perusing the FT feeling more and more negative about the economy, but hopeful that interest rates will stay low so my mortgage gets paid quicker. Meanwhile Beth is flicking through the Sunday Times feeling slightly frustrated that she can't find a pen to do the puzzles section. Because we both end up so busy, Beth with medical school and a few side projects she's working on, me with work and a healthy dose of more work, we make the time every Sunday to go for breakfast. That's right, we are both so busy that we can only promise one morning a week to each other.

It seemed like just a few minutes ago I was back in my bedroom with old friends, trying to decide what film we should watch on a 21 inch CRT television somewhen around 2004. This was simultaniously the most difficult decision we had to make back then and about as far ahead as we ever needed to plan.

Somehow we got onto the subject of the "good old days" and started reminiscing about our old group of friends, the Rose Wilmot centre, trampolining, the fish and chip shop, never ending games of TA, a virtually unlimited supply of movies, a 512k cable connection (which was screaming fast in those days).

The Rose Wilmot centre was torn down, anything less than a 100Mb connection is now a hindrance and I haven't seen a CRT screen in half a decade.

I suddenly feel I might be old...

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