by Craig Mayhew on Mon 17th Jan 2011 under General/Techie
I've been experimenting with openNIC the alternative DNS. My site is now visible on the craig.geek domain but virtually all of you will just get an error or 404 when you try to view that page. This is because currently to use openNIC - you need to change your DNS configuration to use their servers instead of ICANN. For most, this is a pretty daunting task. The only way this will become wide spread is if enough people requested that their ISP start resolving these new (and free!) top level domains.

Again none of these following links will work unless you are setup to use the alternate DNS.

grep.geek - Currently the only search engine I could find. - A website listing, similar to - A website that monitors the openNic servers across the world and allows you to see any problems.

This last one you can actually visit - it explains how to setup and use the alternate DNS on your hardware.

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