25th Birthday


25th Birthday

by Craig Mayhew on Fri 27th Jan 2012 under General
Absolutly awesome birthday. I've finally managed to upload the videos from my first flying lesson in an Ikarus C42. I took off at a local private airfold at 11:15 this morning (I was just a passenger for take off and landing and wasn't in any control). I was able to have a camera suckered to the side window to video the lesson. Take off is at 7:35 in the first video. The final video shows the landing at 11:00 and the inside cockpit at 13:25. The weather conditions were near perfect in the morning but turned wierd in the afternoon. Checkout the handful of hail!

For those interested, the Ikarus is a two seater microlight aircraft with a maximum cruise speed of 194kph (120mph). See the Ikarus C42 wikipedia page for more details.

Ikarus C42

Hand Full of Hail

Ikarus C42   microlight  

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